Hello, I’m Stephnie.

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Edinburgh and Central Scotland.

I want to capture you and your family as you truly are, as well as those special little moments that make you and your family unique. Not too  posed or forced smiles.

I want to try and do this at a reasonable price.

I love sunshine and statement earrings

I have always loved photography and rarely go anywhere without my camera.

I was born in Namibia, studied in Cape Town and married a Scotsman.

I want everybody to be able to have good photographs of their wedding day, of special events and of their family. Photographs capture so many happy moments and trigger our memories to remember those moments.

I love Pinotage and Merlot.

I am also a bridal dress designer (www.stephnie-anne.com) and it is through working with my many brides that I realized the need for reasonably priced photography. There are many incredible photographers out there who are worth every penny they charge. Unfortunately not everybody can afford them or some people would rather spend their money on other parts of their day.  

I added ‘Anne’ to my business name in honor of my mum who taught me to appreciate the smaller things in life, to love and to care about people.

I have a husband and two busy little boys.

I love carrot cake and long walks.

Love inspires me to create and people inspire me to be a better person.

Read through my photo’s, you will find a piece of my heart.